Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mystery Of The Bloodless Van....Will Anyone Be ASHAMED???

9 Dead, 16 injured After Van Strikes Pedestrians 'One After One' In Toronto

Yonge Street and Finch Avenue 118 Death, Controlled (125 Complicity) 
(280/2=140 Questionable) (395/5=79 Laughing/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(F 384/4=96 Fakery, Freemason) (FB 556/4=139 False Knowledge) 
(E 2314/26=89 Fictional, Deceptive) (O 321/3=107 Trickery, Pretend)  
(Pr 881=152p Deception, Controlled)

Nine Dead 38, Hoaxster (56 Imaginary, Fairy Tale) (43 Its Not Real) (160=16 False) 
(RSu 960=96 Fakery, Freemason) (F/J 108 Acting) (FB 110 Hoaxster) 
(O 118 Death, Controlled) (Pr 147 Improvisate)

Nine Dead One Six injured 106 Hoaxster (223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(119 Duplicity) (F 327/3=109 Trickery, Bamboozler) (FB 442/17=26 Lie) 
(E 1420/20=71 Unreal, Manufactured) (O 292/4=73 Fictioneering
(Pr 674/2=337=68p Imaginativeness)

One After One 55 Santa, Complicity (118 Death, Controlled) 
(179=41p Not Real, Dishonest) (F 196/14=14 Sham) (FB 233=51p Dishonesty, 
Conspiracy, Illusion) (S 503=96p Fakery, Freemason) (E 532/4=133 Its Not Real) 
(O 135 Ridicule) (Pr 360=36 Mockery, Schemers)

Kill Me 26 Lie 62 Fictitiousness (37 Concocted) (100 Connivance) (F 140 Treachery) 
(FB 121 Ludicrous) (E 134 Fictioneering, Moonwalking) (J/RO 94 Forgery) 
(O 68 Puppet) (Pr 180/2=90 Mockery)

Killer White Ryder Van With No Blood Stains 179=41p Not Real, Fraudulent) 
(197 Manufactured) (208/2=104 Falsifiers) (468/2=229=50p The Big Lie, B.S.) 
(F 666=36T Mockery, Schemers/Purpose Plan) (FB 908=98 Dubious, Devise) 
(E 3689/31=119 Duplicity) (J 4039/7=577=106p Hoaxster) (O 490/7=70 This is a 
Hoax) (Pr 1468/4=367=73p=21p Hoax)

White Ryder van with driver side door ajar 193=44p Kill, Deception 
(427/7=61=18p Faked) (F 479=92p Laughter/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(FB 852/12=71 Unreal, Falsified) (S 1652/14=118 Death, Controlled) 
(E 3811/37=103 B.S.) (RO 463=90p Mockery, Schemers
(Pr 1370=137=33p Fakery, Phony)

AH Seven Nine Three Three (AH-79033) 111 This is a Lie (105=14T Sham) 
(228/2=114 Inconceivable) (339/3=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, DisInfo, 
Not True, Fiction) (FB 450/5=90 Mockery, Questionability)
(S 963/9=107 Trickery, Pretend) (J 1339/13=103 B.S.) (O 288/2=144 Purpose Plan) 
(Pr 698/2=349=70p Counterfeiters, Unbelievable)

Amir Bahmeyeh 63/63 Money, Incredible (108 Acting) (160 Fake Name) 
(E 909=99 Mockery, Untrue) (J 579/3=193=44p Kill, Conceived) (O 144 Purpose Plan
(RO 180 Improvisation) (Pr 330/3=110 Hoaxster) (FB 214/2=107 Trickery, Pretend)

All the decodes points to a manufactured hoax with crisis actors selling out for the money. The photo decodes verifies the fact that the van was photographed with no blood as it had KILLED NINE and Injured Sixteen. How do you harm that many pedestrians and have a BLOODLESS VAN??? the License Plate on the Van reveals a 111 and 113 coding which further affirms that this is a stage event.


Monday, April 23, 2018

Bustless In Egypt...In Theatres NOW!!

Archaeologists find bust of Roman emperor in Egypt

Archaeologists 80 Conceived (152 Bamboozle) (226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, DisInfo, Not Factual, B.S.) (F 178 Counterfeiters) (FB 303=33 Fakery, Phony) 
(S 642/6=107 Pretender, Trickery) (O 118 Controlled) (RO 260=26 God, Lie) 
(Pr 476/4=119 Duplicity, Star Of David)

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius 143 Falseness (332/2=166 Unrealistic, The Big Lie) 
(370=37 Concocted) (RSu 2220=222/2=111 This is a Lie) (F 436/4=109=19 Bogus) 
(FB 660=66 Fakery, Fabricated) (E 1970=197 Manufactured) (J 1520=152 Unhuntable
(O 284/4=71 Unreal, Manufactured) (Pr 1075=175 Bamboozled)

Intentional Head Picture Without Bust 151=36p Mockery (191=43p Its Not Real) 
(421=82p Fictionalizing) (470=47 Contrived) (S 1576/8=197 Manufactured) 
(J 2648/8=331=67p Questionable) (RO 446/2=223=48p Hoax/The Synagogue Of Satan) 
(Pr 1351/7=193 Improvisational) (FB 837/9=93 Invented, Propaganda)

Was found in the Temple of Kom Ombo 137 Its Not Real (133 This is a Hoax) (335/5=67 Questionable) (Su 201 Fabricative) (F 439=85p Not Real) (FB 666=36T Mockery, Schemers) 
(E 1991/11=181 Unrealistically) (O 349=70p Artificiality) (RO 407=47 Contrived) 
(Pr 1043=143 Falseness)

the ancient temple of Karnak in the city of Luxor 210=21 Hoax (471/3=157 Mainstream, Conspirators) (F 523=99p Mockery, Untrue) (FB 940=94 Forgery) 
(E 3459/3=1153=191p Fingerable) (J 2109/19=111 Illusion) (O 520=52 This is a Hoax) 
(Pr 1483=235p/5=47 Contrived)

symbols of the ancient Egyptian god Amun 154 Shameproof, Deceptive (170 Connivance) 
(397=78p Fictionizing) (F 449=87p Misadventurous, Misguide) (FB 792/6=132 Dishonesty) 
(E 3133/13=241=53p Bamboozler, Trickery) (J 2003=23 Fraud, Faker, Duped) 
(O 420=42 Invented, Freemason) (Pr 1265/11=115 Baloney)

It doesn't look good for the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius..the Archaeologists that found his bust forgot to photograph his bust and just the head....how demoralizing, an emperor without his torso. The Photo decode show you why they photograph the head without the bust. Every other decodes reveal that this is a manufactured historical hoax and if you are a tourist headed to Egypt on the whims of this headline then you've been duped.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mini Verne Troyer DOOD Big Fan Sellout?

Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer 66 Fakery (60 Hoax) (165 Charlatan) (Su 990=99 Mockery, Untrue) 
(F 217/7=31 B.S.) (S 550/5=110 Hoaxster) (E 1595/15=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, 
DisInfo, Fiction, B.S.) (J 1545/15=103 Treachery) (O 159 This is a Lie) 
(RO 138 Pretender) (Pr 553/7=79 Laughing/The Synagogue Of Satan)

Born Jan 1, 1969 – 1+1+19+6+9=36 Mockery, Schemers/1+1+19+69=90 Mockery, Holy Bible/ 11+91+6+9=117 Improvise

Died April 21, 2018 – 4+2+1+2+18=27 Faked/4+21+20+18=63 Incredible/4+21+12+80=117 Improvise

Birth Year Numerology – 19+6+9=34 Dupers/19+69=88 Artificial, The Great Deceiver/91+6+9=106 Hoaxster

Death Year Numerology – 2+18=20 Absurd/20+18=38 Death, Con Artist/12+80=92 Laughter/The Synagogue Of Satan

Date Between Numerology – 110-421=311=64p Impersonator/124-11=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Not True/241-11=230=23 Faker, Fraud

From Sept 8, 1989 – April 21, 2018 is a period of 49y 3m 20d=4932/36=137=33p Fakery, Phony
                                is a period of 591m/3=197 Manufactured
                                is a period of 2572w/4=643=117p Undoubtable, Improvise
                                is a period of 18007d/11=1637=259p/7=37 Concocted

From Jan 1, 2018 – April 21, 2018 is a period of 3m 20d/2=160 Fake Name
                                is a period of 110d Hoaxster

From April 21, 2018 – Jan 1 2019 is a period of 8m 11d=141p Extemporize
                                is a period of 36w Mockery, Knockoff
                                is a period of 255d/5=51 Dishonesty, Illusion, Conspiracy

Alcohol Addiction 73=21p Hoax (89 Fictional, Deceptive) (145 Ingenuine, Deceiver) 
(F 197 Manufactured) (S 705/5=141 Extemporize) (E 532/4=133 Its Not Real) 
(J 372/3=124 Con Artist, Laughter) (O 173 Inauthentic) (Pr 422/2=211=47p Contrived)

Died at the age of Four Nine 113 Dishonest, DisInfo, Not Factual (112 Delusional, Profiteer) (212/2=106 Hoaxster) (F 290/2=145 Ingenuine, Deceiver) (FB 421=82p Doubtable) 
(S 982/2=491=94p Forgery) (RO 314/2=157 Conspirators) 
(Pr 626/2=313=65p This is a Hoax)

Troyer was battling depression 128 Dupable (155 The Great Deceiver) (353=71p Unreal, Manufactured) (F 379=75p Inconceivable) (FB 705/15=47 Contrived) 
(S 1298/11=118 Death, Controlled) (O 351=26T Lie) (RO 378=27T Faked) 
(Pr 1157/13=89 Crafty, Deceptive)

I've expanded my ORGANIC cipher to include REVERSE ORGANIC (RO). I will use the best of the two or both if needed. Already, I have been pleasantly surprised by the two decodes.

As for the Verne Troyer decode....it's another Character Assassination carry out by Verne Troyers masters/handlers. The numbers reveals multiple 113 codes which is a dead ringer for a hoax which means that either Verne wanted to escape the limelight or he had his character Verne Troyer meet a predetermined death of his choosing or not of his choosing.