Friday, December 15, 2017

Grenfell Tower....Massive Hoax Or Real Tragedy???

A Silent Tribute From Grenfell's Heroes: Firefighters' Guard Of Honour At March To Mark Six Months Since Tragedy

One Out Of Five Helmet Misaligned With The Others 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Fiction, B.S. (206/2=103 B.S.) (620/20=31 Lying, Joker, Puppet) (487=93p Invented, Propaganda, Unactual) (F 721/7=103 B.S., Conjure, Fantasy) (S 1922/31=62 Fictionize, Misdirect) (E 3097=397=78p Spurious, Phony, Charlatan) (J 3067=439p=85p Fraternization, Deceitful, Not Real) (O 326/2=163 Conceived, Farcical)

One White Helmet To Four Yellow Helmets (161 Concocted) 170=17 Lie (154 Fictionize, Shameproof) (431=83p=23p Fraud, Faker, Duped) (460=46 Deception, Ingenuine, Deceiver) (F 112 Conjurer, Profiteer) (S 1586/13=122 Fraudulent, Amusingly) (E 3554/2=1777=275p/5=55 Fictional, Farcical) (J 3424=32=107 Pretend, Trickery) (O 270=27 Faked)

Mourners Display Victim Black and White Photograph 234+432=666=3-6’s=36 Mockery (243/9=27 Faked) (522/3=174 Facsimiles) (666=36T Mockery, Schemers) (F 678/6=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Fiction, B.S.) (S 2062/2=1031=173p=40p Not True, Untruth, Falsehood) (334/2=167=39p Invented, Fabricates, Shamming)

Light Green Heart Shaped On Dark Green Grenfell Sign 234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan (225/3=75 Fabricative, Fictitiously) (450/5=90 Mockery, Schemers) (738/6=123 Invented, Conspiracy) (Su 2700=27 Faked, Ritual) (684/6=114 Inconceivable) (S 1990=199=46p Deception, Deceiver, Trickery) (E 1674/18=93 Invented, Propaganda) (J 1294/2=647=118p Death, Shunners) (O 344/8=43 Its Not Real)

Twelve Fifty Three 83=23p Faker, Fraud (79=22p Laugh) (209/11=19 Bogus) (223 The Synagogue Of Satan) (F 287/7=41 Not Real, Fraudulent) (S 769=136p Counterfeit) (E 2369/23=103 B.S.) (J 2449/31=79 Dupers, Collaboration) (O 102 Farce, Magic)

One Grenfell Protester Looks At The Camera Intentionally 226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Operation, Fiction, B.S.(269=57p Improvisate, Questioning) (586/2=293=62p Fictionize, Misdirect) (737/11=67 Fictitious, Mainstream, Lying) (RSu 4422/22=201=21 Hoax) (F 794/2=397=78p Regurgitating, Charlatan) (S 2301/13=177Propaganda, Misleading) (E 3376/16=211=47p Contrived, Puppetry) (J 2236/43=52 This is a Hoax) (O 402=42 Invented, Trickster, Fabricated)

Justice Four Grenfell 91 Deception, Unreal, Bamboozle (107=17 Lie) (226/2=113 Not True, B.S. Not Factual) (287/7=41 Not Real, Dishonest , Fraudulent) (F 304/2=152 Controlled, Deception, Bamboozle) (S 891/9=99 Mockery, Delusion, Untrue) (E 1306=136 Gullible, Counterfeit) (J 1526/14=109=19 Bogus) (O 150 Improvisate, Questioning)

Multiple photos are coded to mock the public...only they don’t know it. I suspect that the protesters don’t know that they are being used as props for this shameful MOCKERY. The first photo was suspicious enough for me to decode the obvious mocking photos and they pulled no punches. They really know their Gematria codes and this blog exposed some of the mocking photos. There always more as the other decoders would say so if you have the time...this news item will keep you busy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mockery Of The Public Using a PhotoShopped DOG In Canada...EH!!

Another Human Foot Washes Ashore in Canada. That Makes 13.

Mike Johns Police Officer and Photoshopped dog Taz 223=48p The Synagogue Of Satan, 
Hoax(200 Unscrupulous) (475/5=95 Forgery) (686/7=98 Inconceivability, Dubious
(Su 2850=75T Inconceivable) (F 631=115p Baloney, Masonic
(S 1980=198/2=99 Mockery, Delusion, Untrue) (E 2500=25 Trick, Dupable
(J 2400=24 Farce, Made Up} (O 350=35 Pretend, Gullible)

Mike Johns and his dog Taz 97 FairyTale, Imaginary (110 Hoaxster) (232/2=116 Fictionize) (335/5=67 Fictitious, Mainstream, Lying) (F 310=31 B.S.) 
(S 967=163p 38p Hoaxster, Laughter, Dupable, Trick) 
(E 1546/2=773=137p=33p Fakery, Phony, Laughable) 
(O 164/4=41 Not Real, Conjurer, Falsehood)

Two Portable Ice Bucket 82 Doubtable, Fictionalizing) (116 Fictionize) 
(226/2=113 Dishonest, Mainstream, Fiction, B.S.) (314/2=157 Conspirators, Chicanery) 
(F 330=33 Fakery, Phony, Charlatan) (S 926/2=463=90p Mockery, Schemers) 
(E 1765/5=353=71p Unreal) (J 1705=175 Bamboozled) (O 133 This is A Hoax)

Black Left Strap-On Shoe White Sock No Left Foot Bones Inserted 225/3=75 Inconceivable (279/3=93 Invented, Propaganda, Unactual) (612/2=306=36 Mockery, Schemers) 
(792/8=99 Mockery, Untrue) (F 924/3=308=38 Hoaxster, Laughter, Death, Trick) 
(S 2432/16=152 Deception, Controlled) (E 3303=333/3=111 This is A Lie) 
(O 412/4=103 B.S.)

A tibia and fibula attached to a left human foot with a white ankle sock in a black running shoe 339/3=113 Mainstream, Dishonest, Operation, Fiction, Not True 
(780=39T Invented, Man Made, Illusion) (1299/3=433=84p Fabricates, Shamming) 
(F 806/2=403=43 Its Not Real) (S 3475/25=139 False Knowledge, Damn Lies) 
(E 4848/6=808=88 Program, Artificial) (J 4318/343=127 Manufactured) 
(O 540/6=90 Mockery, Schemers)

The photo of the blurred dog is unmistakable when photoshopped with the two person which when Gematria is applied to decode the photo...we get the infamous 223 The Synagogue Of Satan number.
In addition, the photo of the faked foot decodes to a hoax made intentionally to manufacture a news item which the perpetrators knows why they are shamming the public.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

David Cassidy (DC=43 Its Not Real) Real Death OR Hoax???

David Cassidy

David Cassidy 48 Hoax (66 Fakery) (78 Artful, Charlatan) (120 Fictionized) (204/4=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (Su 720=72 Improvisation) (F 172 Nonsensical) (S 540/20=27 Faked) (E 1335/15=89 Fictional, Deceptive) (J 1315/5=263=56p Imaginary, Fingerable) (O 58 Imagination, Fraudulent)

Born Apr 12, 1950 – 4+12+1+9+5=31 B.S./4+12+19+50=85 Not Real/4+12+91+5=112 Conjurer, Profiteer

Died Nov 21, 2017 – 1+1+21+2+17=42 Invented, Freemason/11+21+20+17=69 This Is A Lie, Illuminati/11+21+20+71=123 Invented, Conspiracy

Birth Year Numerology –1+9+5=15 Fakes/19+50=69 Improvisate, Fabricates/91+5=96 Fakery, Freemason
Death Year Numerology – 2+17=19 Bogus/20+17=37 Concocted/20+71=91 Bamboozle, Dubious

From Apr 12, 1950 – Nov 21, 2017 is a period of 67y 7m 9d (6779=861p/7=123 Invented, Conspiracy, Trickster
                                                              is a period of 811m=141p/3=47 Puppetry, Contrived
                                                              is a period of 3527w=492p/3=164 Intentional
                                                              is a period of 24695d/55=449=87p Misguide, Blameworthiness

From Jan 1, 2017 – Nov 21, 2017 is a period of 10m 20d=102 Made Up, Magic, Farce
                                                           is a period of 46w Deception, Deceptive, Deceiver
                                                           is a period of 324d/3=108 Hoodwinked, Acting

From Nov 21, 2017– Jan 1 2018 is a period of 1m 11d=111 This is A Lie
                                                         is a period of 5w
                                                         is a period of 41d Falsehood, Not Real

On February 20, 2017, Cassidy announced that he was living with dementia, the condition that his mother suffered from at the end of her life. He retired from performing in early 2017 when the condition became noticeable during a performance in which he forgot lyrics and otherwise struggled.

February 20, 2017 – 2+2+2+1+7=14 Sham/2+2+20+17=41 Fraudulent, Joke

He was living with dementia 116 Fictionize (260=26 Lie) (127 Manufactured) (361/19=19 Bogus) (F 286/13=22 Laugh) (S 1065=165 Charlatan) (E 2150/50=43 Its Not Real) (J 3000/50=60 Hoax) (O 166 Unrealistic)

On November 18, 2017, it was announced that Cassidy had been hospitalized suffering from liver and kidney failure, and was critically ill in a medically induced coma. He came out of the coma two days later, remaining in critical but stable condition. Doctors hoped to keep Cassidy stable until a liver became available for transplant, but he died of liver failure on November 21, 2017, aged 67. According to his daughter Katie, his last words were "So much wasted time".

November 18, 2017 – 11+18+20+17=66 Fakery, Facsimiles, Trickster

Two days later 46 Deception, Deceptive, Deceiver (55 Satan, Santa) (163=38p Death, Hoaxster, Laughter) (161 Doubtable, Concocted, Bamboozler) (F 189/7=27 Faked) (S 583/11=53 Bamboozler) (E 1891=61T=1`8p Faked) (J 1751/17=103 B.S.) (O 72 Improvisation)

So much wasted time 63 Deliberate (90 Mockery) (198/2=99 Delusion, Untrue) (234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (F 224 Fictionalizing) (S 758/2=379=75p Inconceivable) (J 1625/13=125 Thwartman) (O 113 Dishonest, Mainstream, B.S., Fiction)

Is David Cassidy the character assassinated or is this a real murder by the numbers??? I would lean towards a total hoax when you stimulates your brains with the knowledge of Gematria. There’s always more to decode so do it and post in your own blog. 

This Is Similar To The Movie AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS... Scripted????

Eight Places Around The World Are ACTIVELY Preparing For Nuclear War

Eight Places Around The World Are ACTIVELY Preparing For Nuclear War 303=33 Fakery (327/3=109=19 Bogus) (663/13=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (903=93 Invented, Unactual, Propaganda) (F 1131/29=39 Invented, Illusion) (S 2693=392p/4=98 Ingenuine) (E 4902/43=114 Inconceivable) (J 4982/94=53 Doubtable, Controlled) (O 406=46 Deception, Deceptive, Deceiver)

Eight Places Around The World 130 Dishonest, Operation (121 Purposeful) (131 Unrealistic) (283=61p=18p Faked) (392/4=98 Ingenuine) (F 413/7=59 Delusional) (S 1158/6=193=44p Conceived, Concocted) (E 1840/80=23 Fraud, Faker, Duped) (J 1850/50=37 Concocted, Pretend) (O 182/2=91 Bamboozle, Deception, Unreal)

Nuclear War 44 Kill, Deception, Fictional, Deceptive (64 Nonsensical, Unrealistically) (116 Fictionize) (154 Shameproof, Fictional, Deceptive) (F 168/2=84 Fabricates, Invent, Shamming) (S 466/2=233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy, Spurious) (E 1070=107=28p Falseness, Dubious, Doubtable) (J 1330=133 This is A Hoax, Its Not Real) (O 63 Mislead, Untrue)

Nuclear Weapons 59=17p Lie (76/2=38 Death, Hoaxster, Laughter) (167=39p Invented, Fabricates) (211=47p Contrived, Puppetry) (F 219/3=73=21p Hoax) (S 657/9=73 Crafty) (E 1265/11=115 Baloney) (J 1495/23=65 This is A Hoax) (O 103=27p Faked)

Underground Nuclear Detonations 135 Ridicule (162/2=81 Ritual, Improvisation) (351-26T Lie, God) (432+234=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan (F 429/13=33 Fakery, Phony, Laughable)) (S 1366/2=683=124p Duplicity, Laughter, Inauthentic) (E 2178/22=99 Delusion, Mockery) (J 1548/36=43 Its Not Real) (O 228/2=114 Inconceivable)

The Underground Nuclear Detonations is all the gematria evidence that you need to think about when you’re in near hysteria over the nuclear extinction scenario that the mainstream media regurgitates to no end. It’s all hype with unrealism so don’t be afraid of the reports coming out of the mouths of the mainstream media…’s not real!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


The deaths of Bonnie and Clyde: Unseen photos of fugitive couple

No Blood On Shirts 73=21p Hoax (80 Conceived) (199=46p Deception, Deceiver) (206/2=103 B.S.) (F 303=33 Fakery, Phony, Laughable) (S 724/4=181=42p Invented, Trickster) (E 883=153p Deceptious. Holy Bible) (J 683=124p Duplicity, Inauthentic, Laughter) (O 141 Untruths)

Driver side door of stolen car opened intentionally 225/3=75 Fictitiously (243/9=27 Faked) (522/3=174 Facsimiles) (666=36T Mockery, Knockoff) (F 548/4=137=33p Fakery, Phony. Laughable) (S 2062/2=1031=173p Inauthentic) (E 3123/9=347=69p Fabricated, This Is A Lie) (J 2613/39=67 Inaccurate, Fictitious. Mainstream) (O 357/7=51 Dishonesty, Spurious, Conspiracy)

Driver and left passenger side door of stolen car opened 230=23 Fraud , Faker, Duped (256(518/14=37 Concocted) (Su 3108/28=111 This is a lie) (F 544/4=136 Gullible, Counterfeit) (S 2163/21=103 B.S.) (E 2453/11=223 The Synagogue Of Satan) (J 2333=345p/3=115 Baloney) (O 357/7=51 Dishonesty, Schemers)

One police officer out of six wears A Light Colored Jacket 233=51p Dishonesty, Conspiracy) 9262/2=131 Unrealistic) (530/5=106 Hoaxster) (766/2=383=76p Joker, Not True) (F 660=66 Fakery, Fabricated) (S 2210=221/13=17 Lie) (E 3248/28=116 Fictionize) (J 3358/46=73=21p Hoax} (O 360=36 Mockery, Schemers)

Two police officer out of six wears A Dark Colored Hat 223=48p Hoax, The Synagogue Of Satan (245/5=49 Conjurer, Purposeful) (511/7=73=21p Hoax) (677=123p Invented, Conspiracy) (F 641=116p Fictionize) (S 2051=251=54p Improvise, Ridicule, Purpose Plan) (E 3724/28=133 Its Not Real) (O 314/2=157 Conspirators, Chicanery)

The numbers indicates a massive Hoax that is the Killing Of Bonnie And Clyde. All Photo Decodes indicates that this period of Americana is a manufactured piece of fiction that was made real by the movie Bonnie And Clyde. When where these photos really taken is anyones guess but from the photos deceptions and forgeries...they made them as authentic as possible. It took Gematria decodes to see thru the deceptions and lies.

Final-Moments Loved-Up-Killers 133 This is A Hoax (146/2=73=21p Hoax) (322/2=161 Bamboozler, Concocted) (380=38 Death, Dupable, Fakeries, Hoaxster) (F 452/4=113 Dishonest , Mainstream, Fiction, B.S.) (S 1232/14=88 Artificial, Program) (E 1744/16=109=19 Bogus) (J 1694/22=77 The Big Lie) (O 233=51p Dishonesty, Propaganda)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Is LITTLE FOOT A Manufactured News Item Meant To RIDICULE The Public???

World’s Oldest And Most Complete Hominid Skeleton Is Unveiled Two Decades After She Was First Found

Two Decades After she was first found 709=127p Manufactured
(E 2723/7=389=77p The Big Lie) (J 3033=333/3=111 This is a Lie)

ALL FROM ONE Past 59 Conspirators, Joker (76 Unrealistic, Not True, Taunt) (167=39p Invented, Man Made, Spurious) (211=47p Contrived, Puppetry) (F 453/3=151=36p Mockery, Schemers) (S 657/9=73=21p Hoax) (E 743=132p Amusement, Shamming, Dishonesty) (J 553/7=79 The Synagogue Of Satan, Dupers) (O 122 Ludicrous, Fraudulent)

ALL FROM ONE The Word Past Reflection 151=36p Mockery (164 Intentional) (367=73p=21p Hoax) (470=47 Contrived) (Su 2202/2=1101=111 This is A Lie) (F 731/17=43 Its Not Real) (S 1452/22=66 Fakery) (E 2068=268/4=67 Mainstream, Lying, Fictitious) (J 2018/2=1009=169p/13=13 B.S.) (O 252/3=84 Fabricates, Shamming Lamebrained)

BLACK YELLOW WHITE cloth 91 Bamboozle, Deception (107=17 Lie) (244/2=122 Ludicrous, Fraudulent) (323/17=19 Bogus) (F 660=66 Fakery) (S 979/11=89 Deceptive, Fictional) (E 2404/4=601=110p Contrived, Hoaxster) (J 2634//6=439=85p Deceitful, Not Real) ((O 151=36p Mockery) 

ALL FROM ONE 48 Hoax (51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy, Spurious) (111 Amusement, Corrupt) (159 This Is A Lie)(Su 666=36T Mockery) (F 371/7=53 Falseness, Connivance, Doubtable) (S 461=89p Deceptive, Fictional) (E 372/4=93 Invented, Unactual) (J 302/2=151=36p Mockery, Jesus Christ) (O 95 Forgery)

Mockery is the keyword in this manufactured Little Foot. The photo decodes were planned to achieve the maximum mockings that can be perpetrated by the hoaxsters.