Saturday, June 10, 2017

NBA Finals Game Seven Prediction...Don't Bet On My Analysis! Las Vegas Hold All The Cards!!

NBA FINALS Game Seven Prediction IF there is a Game Seven!!!

In the history of the NBA no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit and win the seventh game of the NBA FINALS?? Base on the numbers below I would think that it going to be a nailbiter until the final seconds of the game.

Game Seven Two Zero One Seven 114/312 111/336/3=112 (F 468) (S 1872/16=117)

Game Seven Two Thousand Seventeen 117/360 144/423 (F 490) (Rsu 2538/18=141)

Game Seven Twenty Seventeen 100/307 116/341 (F 411)

Lebron James 42/114 66/183 (F 166)

King James 35/44/53/89 55/154 (F 141)

Stephen Curry 64/73/172 62/152 (F 224=112)

Steph Curry 54/153 54/117 (J 1026/9=114)

Muhammad Ali Of Basketball 42/96 66/201 (F 148) (J 641=116p)

Steph Curry has the edge but I think the MUHAMMAD ALI OF BASKETBALL will win the final game 116-112. This is a prediction so anything could happen in the game and the final score is a educated guess at best.

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