Sunday, July 16, 2017

Acid Tripping Boy Dreams Of Being Famous Evil Person...Real Or Fake News

ACID ATTACK RAP Boy, 16, is charged with 15 offences after five people injured in 90-minute acid attack spree in East London

ACID ATTACK RAP 45 Mislead, Schemers (108=18 Faked) (F 446/2=223=48p Hoax) (FB 203=23 Fantasy, Fraud) (S 563=103p B.S.) (E 603=63 Untrue) (J 373=74p Baloney, Trick)

five people injured 93 Invented, Inactual (192/2=96 Fakery, Freemason) (267/3=89 Fictional)
(S 787=138p Spurious) (E 1128/24=47 Contrived) (J 1858/2=929=158p Falsehood)

The 16-year-old now faces a string of charges for 15 offences including robbery, grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an item to discharge a noxious substance. The charges come after five acid attacks took place in less than 90 minutes in London on Thursday night, the Metropolitan Police said.

One Five (15) offences 77 The Big Lie (67=19p Bogus) (149=35p Pretend) (F 201=21 Hoax) (S 674/2=337=68p Lying) (E 770=77 Fraternization) ( J 1020=102 Farce, Magic)

less than ninety (90) minutes in London 131 Unrealistic (157=37p Concocted) (383=76p/2=38 Trick) (F 409=80p Conceived) (S 1398/6=233=51p Spurious, Dishonesty) ((E 2525/25=101 Diverter) (J 1675/25=67 Fictitious, Mainstream)

A 15-year-old was previously quizzed by cops on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery and was released on bail until a date in early August.Victims, who were all reportedly fast-food delivery drivers, were rushed to hospital after having the corrosive substance either thrown or sprayed in their faces.

all reportedly fast-food delivery drivers 183/3=61 This is a Hoax (204=24 Made Up) (444/4=111 This is a Lie) (FB 888/12=74 Baloney) (S 1704/24=71 Falsified) (E 3693/3=1231=202p=22 Laugh)
(J 3343=471p/3=157 Mainstream)

A 49-year-old man who lives nearby Windus Road in Stoke Newington said he saw one of the victims, who authorities say suffered “life-changing injuries”, clutching his face in pain after the attack. Speaking to The Sun Online, Samuel Leibowitz said the victim, who was brutally assaulted at 11.18pm in Cazenove Road, appeared to be in “agony.” He added: “If you see somebody with a knife or a gun, you know what to look for. The problem (with acid attacks) is you can’t be prepared. This area has changed a lot.”

life-changing injuries 110 Contrived (115 Masonic) (200 Unscrupulous) (340=34 Mocker) (S 900=9 Scam) (E 758/2=379=75p/3=25 Trick) (J 1188/11=108=18 Faked)

One One One Eight (11.18) pm 90 HaHahaHAHAHaHahaHAHA (63 Deliberate, Plot) (180=18 Faked0 (F 284/4=71 Unreal, Deceiver) (S 740=74 Jesus, Baloney) (E 684/36=19 Bogus) (J 504=54 Improvise)

The other three victims did not suffer injuries described as life threatening or life-changing. Harrowing footage has emerged on social media showing one victim having water poured over his head and into his eyes by emergency workers.

The other three victims 106=16 False (110 Contrived) (133 This is a hoax) (250=25 Trick) (290=29 Baloney) (FB 499=95p/5=19 Bogus) (F 276/12=23 Fraud Faker) (S 950=95 Inaccurate) (E 1645/35=47 Duplicity) (J 1495/13=115 Baloney)

Another Faked news narrative with deadly ACID.....What will they think of next????

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