Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Stevie Ryan Kicks The Bucket???

Stevie Ryan Dies: YouTube & VH1 Star Was 33

Internet star and TV personality Stevie Ryan, best known for YouTube channel and VH1 comedy series Stevie TV, was found dead Saturday at her place of residence in what the L.A. County Coroner’s Office has ruled as a suicide by hanging. She was 33.

Stevie Ryan 48 Hoax (138/6=23 Faker, Fraud) (F 190=19 Bogus) (S 488/8=61=18p Faked) (E 1560=156/2=78 Artful) (J 1430=143/11=13 B.S.)

was found dead Saturday 73=21p Hoax (226/2=113 Mainstream, Dishonest, DisInfo, B.S.) (314/2=157=37p Concocted) (F 252/2=126 Schemers, Improvise) (S 926/2=463=90p Mockery)
(E 2431/143=17 Lie) (J 2181/3=727=129p/3=43 Fairy Tale)

the L.A. County Coroner’s Office has ruled as a suicide by hanging 246/2=123 Invented, Conspiracy (561/11=51 Dishonesty, Amusement) (Su 33666/102=33 Fakery) (F 691=125p Complicity) (FB 1117=187p/11=17 Lie) (S 2381=353p=71p Unreal, Falsified) (E 4008=48 Hoax) (J 2738.37=74 Masonic, Baloney)

She was (33) Three Three 79=22p Laugh, Fake (83=23p Joke, Fraud, Faker) (187/11=17 Lie) (Su 1122+2211=3333=4-3's=43 Its Not Real) (F 265/5=53 Farcical, Trickery) (S 747/9=83=23p Fraud, Joker) (E 1330=133 This Is A Hoax)

Ryan’s big break came with her YouTube series Little Loca and accumulated millions of viewers with her celebrity impressions. She went on to star in her own sketch comedy series Stevie TV and she co-hosted the short-lived Sex with Brody talk show on E! with Brody Jenner and relationship therapist Dr. Mike Dow.

The news of Ryan’s passing comes days after the actress revealed on her Mentally Ch(ill) podcast, which is said to be about depression, that her grandfather had died recently, also taking to social media to lament.

Is this another character assassination??? She was 33 but do you think the numbers are lying or are they telling you that she is someone entirely different from her STEVIE RYAN character???


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