Sunday, August 20, 2017

BOMB Exposes Fukushima Nuclear Hoax!!!

Unexploded WWII Bomb Dropped By US Found At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

An unexploded bomb thought to have been dropped by the Americans during the Second World War has been found close to reactors at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. Police were called to investigate when the 2.9 foot-long object was discovered by workers building a car park, a spokesman for Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said. TEPCO immediately suspended construction work and roped off the area around 0.62 miles from the reactors, he added. There was no impact on ongoing decommissioning operations at the nuclear plant, which suffered meltdowns in March 2011 after a powerful earthquake spawned a huge tsunami.

Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant 147 Improvisate (204=24 Made Up) (390=39 Invented) (555/5=111 This is A Lie) (Su 2340=234+432=666 Purpose Plan Prophecy) (RSu 3330=333/3=111 Corrupt) (F 442/2=221/13=17 Lie) (FB 778/2=389=77p The Big Lie) (S 1615/19=85 Not Real) (E 2127/3=709=79 Dupers) (J 2157/3=719=128p Dupable)

after a powerful earthquake spawned a huge tsunami 189/3=63 Deliberate (234+432=666/6=111 This is a Lie) ($95/5=99 Delusion) (666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (Su 2970=297/9=33 Fakery) (RSu 3996/108=37 Concocted) (FB 990=99 Untrue) (S 2000=200 Unscrupulous) (E 3825/75=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 3785/5=757=134p/2=67 Lying)

It takes a WWII Bomb to expose a even bigger BOMB in the form of the Faked Nuclear Power Plant at Fukushima.The numbers are truly revealing the truth behind the Fukushima Nuclear Hoax.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Andrew Breitbart....Death By Fatal Heart Attack Or Fatal Zionist Orders???

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew James Breitbart (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012) was an American entrepreneur, conservative publisher, commentator for The Washington Times, media critic, journalist, author, and television and radio personality on various news programs, who served as an editor for the Drudge Report website. He was a researcher for and close friend of Arianna Huffington, and he helped create an early version of The Huffington Post.

Andrew James Breitbart 82 Concocted (134/2=67=19p Bogus) (208=28 Falseness) (332/4=83=23p Fraud, Faker) (Su 1248/12=96 Fakery, Freemason) (F 286/11=26 Lie) (FB 413/7=59=17p Lie) (S 908/4=227=49p Damn Lies, Purposeful) (E 1405/5=281=60p Made Up) (J 2135/35=61=18p Faked)

Andrew Breitbart 70 This is a Hoax (101=26p Lie) (160=16 False) (Su 960=96 Fakery, Freemason)
(F 212/2=106=16 False) (FB 318/6=53 Ingenuine) (S 685/5=137=33p Fakery,Destiny) (E 1249=204p/4=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (J 1409=223p=48p Hoax)

Born Feb 1, 1969–2+1+19+6+9=37 Concocted/2+1+19+69=91 Bamboozle/12+91+6+9=118 Death, Trick. Thwartman
Died Mar 1, 2012–3+1+20+12=36 Schemers/3+1+2+102=108=18 Faked/3+1+2+201=207/3=69 This Is A Lie

Birth Year Numerology –19+6+9=34 Dupers/19+69=88 Artificial/91+6+9=106 Prophecy
Death Year Numerology –20+12=32 Not True/2+102=104 Not Real/2+201=203=23 Fraud Faker

Death 20/25/38/97 (Su 228) (F 64) (FB 75) (S 213/3=71) (E 218/2=109) (J 118)

Faked Heart Attack (F 213/3=71)
Zionist Death Fabrication (F 326/2=163=38p)
Death Trick Funds 64 (163=38p)
Zionist Posthumous Thwartman 118
Posthumous Monetary Prize 118
Zionist Slavery Puppet 308=38
Mainstream Media Impersonator 308=38

From Feb 1, 1969 – Mar 1, 2012 is a period of 43y 1m=Four Three Years One Months 118
                                                     is a period of 517m=Five Hundred Seventeen Months 125/5=25 (F 418/11=38)
                                                     is a period of 2247w=Two Two Four Seven Weeks (Su 1824//8=228) (E 3166/2=1583=250p=25)
                                                     is a period of 15734d=One Five Seven Three Four Days (S 1181=194p/2=97)

From Jan 1, 2012–Mar 1, 2012 is a period of 2m Two Months (J 1368/36=38)
                                                   is a period of 8w=Eight Weeks 50/2=25
                                                   is a period of 60d=Sixty Days 38 (E 2414/34=71)

From Mar 1, 2012–Jan 1, 2012 is a period of 10m Ten Months 38 (128/2=64) (F 180/9=20)
                                                   is a period of 43w=Four Three Weeks 71
                                                   is a period of 306d Three Zero Six Days (F 325/13=25) (S 781/11=71)

After helping in the early stages of The Huffington Post and Drudge Report, Breitbart created his own website, a news and right-wing opinion website, along with multiple other "BIG" sites - BIGHollywood, BIGGovernment, BIGJournalism. He played central roles in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the firing of Shirley Sherrod, and the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy. Commenters such as Nick Gillespie and Conor Friedersdorf have credited Breitbart with changing how people wrote about politics.

On the night of March 1, 2012, Breitbart collapsed suddenly while walking in Brentwood. He was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead just after midnight. He was 43 years old. An autopsy by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office showed that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, with focal coronary atherosclerosis and died of heart failure. He was buried in the Jewish plot at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery. His grave is marked with the inscription "Herein lies a giant".

Breitbart collapsed suddenly while walking in Brentwood 226/2=113 Mainstream, Dishonest, Operation, Fiction (559/13=43 Its Not Real) (Su 3354/26=129 Misguide) (F 611/13=47 Contrived) (FB 1116/12=93 Invented, Propaganda) (S 2274/6=379=75p Inconceivable (E 4294/38=113 DisInfo, Not True, Green Screen, B.S.) (J 4604/4=1151=190p=19 Bogus)

hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, with focal coronary atherosclerosis 339/3=113 Dishonest, DisInfo, Fiction, Not Factual) (309/3=103 B.S.) (726/6=121 Purposeful, Zionist) (840=84 Lamebrained)
(Su 4356/66=66 Fakery, Trickster, Fabricated) (S 2756/26=106 Prophecy) (E5991/3=1997=302p=32 Not True, Untruth) (J 4541/19=239=52p This is A Hoax)

Andrew according to the numbers slipped out of the USA and onto Isolation Island or Somewhere Unknown Or He could have assumed another identity….who knows but Andrew!!

Zachary's Long Lost Videos....Found...Not Complete But All The Videos That I Saved....So Enjoy Them!!

Zachary K Hubbard's early Classics Deleted by Youtube can be viewed on VIDME. The link to the videos is:

Friday, August 18, 2017

Van Massacre Barcelona Citizens Acting Badly!!

Terror In Barcelona

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the massacre of 13 innocent pedestrians in a terror attack in the heart of Barcelona that left more than 100 injured, ten of them critically. A rented Fiat van was driven into crowds in the tourist district of Las Ramblas yesterday afternoon before the driver escaped on foot. Investigators believe the atrocity is linked to an explosion at a home 70 miles away which happened 24 hours earlier.

the massacre of Thirteen (13) innocent pedestrians 186/2=93 Invented (228/2=114 Inconceivable) (456+654=1110=111 This is A Lie) (624/3=208=28 Falseness) (Su 2736/9=304=34 Mocker)
(F 482/2=241=53p Trickery, Bamboozler) (FB 911=156p/2=78 Artful) (S 1856/16=116 Shameproof)
(E 2247/21=107 Pretend) (J 1587/23=69 Improvisate, Fabricates)

more than One Zero Zero (100) injured 148/4=37 Concocted (131 Unrealistic) (337=68p Lying, False Knowledge) (365/5=73=21p Hoax) (Su 2022=222/2=111 This is a Lie) (RSu 2190=219/15=146 Imaginary) (F 415/5=83 Dupers, Counterfeiters) (FB 671/11=61 Bad Acting)(S 1247/29=43 Its Not Real) ((E 2947/7=421=82p Pretend) (J 2617=380p=38 Death, Trick)

Documents discovered at the scene reveal details of the planned attack, police sources have
claimed. It is thought the address was being used as a bomb factory, and that the terror cell responsible for yesterday's attack planned to fill the van with explosive butane canisters. Two hours after the mass killing a man was shot dead after driving through a roadblock on the outskirts of Barcelona, injuring two police officers, including one who suffered a broken leg. He is now not believed to be linked to the attack.

9090=99/3=33 Fakery, Phony, Laughable, Destiny

El Corte Ingles 63 Untrue, Deliberate (72 Improvisation) (144 Easter Bunny, Purpose Plan)
(207=27 Faked) (Su 864/8=108 Acting) (RSu 1242/9=138 Dishonesty) (F 222/2=111 This is a Lie)
(FB 285/5=57 Charlatan) (S 599=109p=19 Bogus) (E 594/9=66 Fakery) (J 434/7=62 Counterfeit, Misdirect)

DENIM POWER 59=17p Lie (49 Conjurer, Purposeful) (122 Untruth) (148 Fraudulent)
(Su 732/12=61=Bad Acting) (RSu 888/8=111 This is A Lie) (F 382/2=191=43p Its Not Real)
(FB 234+432=666 Prophecy, Purpose Plan) (S 472/4=118 Controlled, Trick) (E 833/7=119 Star Of David, Master Plan) (J 1183/13=91 Unreal, Bamboozle)

Blurred Photographs 97=25p Trick (92/4=23 Faker, Fraud) (223 The Synagogue Of Satan) (263=56p Bad Acting) (F 275/5=55 Satan, Santa) (FB 444/4=111 Amusement) (S 853=147p/3=49 Dishonesty)
(E 1195/5=239=52p Duplicity, Shameless) (J 905/5=181=42p Freemason, Trickster, Invented)

I was curious to see numerous unclear pics in the news article which lead me to decode the BLURRED PHOTOGRAPHS and the results are as shown above. That aside...the two decoded photos shown conclusively that the Barcelona Incident was a staged event meant to mock the Goys...that’s everyone else except Zionist Jews.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Knights Templar...Are They Real Or Manufactured History?

Knights Templar

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar, or simply as Templars, was a Catholic military order recognised in 1139 by papal bull Omne Datum
Optimum of the Holy See. The order was founded in 1119 and active from about 1129 to 1312.

Knights Templar 66 Fakery (79 Dupers) (192/2=96 Freemason, Fakery) (205=25 Trick) (RSu 1230=123 Invented, Trickster) (F 244/2=122 Fraudulent, Ludicrous) (FB 344/8=43 Fairy Tale)
(S 717/3=239=52p Imaginary) (E 930=93 Invented, Inactual) (J 650=65 Mocker, Inauthentic)

Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ 138 Man Made, Dishonesty (141/3=47 Contrived) (336/2=112 Imagination, Zionist) (366/3=122 Ludicrous, Fraudulent) (Su 2016=216/2=108=18 Faked) (F 440/5=88 Artificial, Program) (FB 668/4=167 Conspirators) (S 1246/14=89 Fictional, Deceptive)
(E 1785/15=119 Master Plan, Duplicity) (J 1935/45=43 Its Not Real)

Poor Fellow-Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon 190=19 Bogus (179=41p Zionist, Dishonest, Fraudulent) (487=93p Invented, Inactual) (539/7=77 The Big Lie) (366/3=122(F 617=113p Mainstream, Historian, Dishonest, Fiction) (FB 969/17=57 Improvisate) (S 1817/23=79 Dupers)
(E 2404/4=601=61=18p Faked) (J 2364/12=197=45p Holy Bible, Deceptious)

Order of Solomon's Temple 103 B.S. (104 Not Real) (274/2=137=33p Fakery, Phony) (293=62p Counterfeit) (F 352/4=88 Laughful, Artificial) (FB 545/5=109=29p Dupers, Baloney) (S 1009=19 Bogus) (E 1165/5=233=51p Spurious) (J 915/15=61=18p Faked)

Order Founded 1119 – 11+1+9=21 Hoax / 1+1+91=93 Invented, Inactual / 1+119=120 Trickster

Order Disbanded 1312 – 13+12=25 Trick / 11+32=43 Its Not Real / 1+132=133 This Is A Hoax

From Order Founded to Order Disbanded is a period of 193y=44p Conceived, Concocted, Deceiver

The Templars were closely tied to the Crusades; when the Holy Land was lost, support for the order faded. Rumours about the Templars' secret initiation ceremony created distrust, and King Philip IV of France – deeply in debt to the order – took advantage of the situation to gain control over them. In 1307, he had many of the order's members in France arrested, tortured into giving false confessions, and burned at the stake. Pope Clement V disbanded the order in 1312 under pressure from
King Philip.

The abrupt reduction in power of a significant group in European society gave rise to speculation, legend, and legacy through the ages. The appropriation of their name by later organizations has kept the name "Templar" alive to the present day, while helping to obscure its origin.

The numbers reveals that the Knights Templars is the MONTY PYTHON and THE HOLY GRAIL movie that's come to life. The Knights Templars is as real as the movie but the movie has more realism.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Henry VIII And Elizabeth I Birthplace Revealed????

Inside The Birthplace Of King Henry VIII And Elizabeth I

Two lost Tudor palace rooms are uncovered in Greenwich in a 'remarkable find'. Experts were working on a development under London's Old Royal Naval College. They stumbled upon two rooms used as part of the royal Greenwich Palace.

remarkable find 74 Masonic, Baloney (88 Artificial, Program) (119 Master Plan, Duplicity) (259/7=37 Concocted) (Su 714/14=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (RSu 1554/14=111 This is a Lie) (FB 238/14=17 Lie) (S 609=69 Illuminati, This is A Lie) (E 353=71p Unreal, Deceiver) (J 293=62p Counterfeit, Mason)

A team of archaeologists have uncovered remains of the riverside palace where King Henry VIII was born. Greenwich Palace, otherwise known as The Palace of Placentia, was also the birthplace of his daughters Mary and Elizabeth I. Experts working on a major development underneath the Old Royal Naval College in South London discovered two rooms of the now-buried palace - including a floor of
lead-glazed tiles.

Three Blacks And One White 96 Fakery, Freemason (120 Illuminati, Idiotic) (222/2=111 This is A Lie) (372/4=93 Invented, Propaganda) (Su 1332/18=74 Baloney, Jesus) (F 352/4=88 Artificial, Program) (FB 439=85p Jester, Falsehood, Not Real) (S 992/8=124 Unscrupulous, Insidious) (E 1356/12=113 Operation, Mainstream, Dishonest, Fiction, Not True) (J 1486/2=743==132p Dishonesty)

If you want further proof that this birthplace is a hoax decode the THREE BLACKS AND ONE WHITE into numbers and what do you get.... a 3 and a 1=31 and if you follow my blog then you know what 31 represent. It's all a manufactured historical site meant to dupe you into spending money when they open their BIRTHPLACE museum.

DINO The Dinosaur Left His I WAS HERE Stamp Of Authenticity

University Student Discovered Rare Dinosaur Footprint

A university student discovered a large and rare dinosaur footprint, in Tumbler Ridge, B.C., from the
same family of top predators as the T.Rex. Carina Helm, a 20-year-old UBC student, was out repairing some local boardwalks in the area when her father pointed out the area was rich in fossilized specimens. "Before that I had never realized the area we're in is the right age for bearing fossils," she told CBC. She realized that she might have stumbled across a dinosaur track earlier that summer when she was out berry picking with her friends, so the pair decided to take a short detour back to that site. "The very first rock I looked at had this huge track-shape," she recalled. "At first, I thought it wasn't anything because it was so big and I had never seen anything like that before, but after looking at it for a bit, I felt you could definitely see three toes there," she said.

A university student discovered a large and rare dinosaur footprint 277=59p Conspiratress (353=71p Manufactured) (709=127p Manufactured) (857=148p Fraudulent) (F 735/5=147 Improvisate) (FB 1417/13=103 B.S.) (S 2739/33=83 Dupers) (E 5137/11=467=91p Deception, Bamboozle) (J 4417/7=631=115p Baloney, Artfully, Masonic)

Carina Helm 48 Illuminati, Misleading (60 Made Up) (84 Artful, Fabricates)(186/2=93 Invented, Inactual) (Su 504=54 Purpose Plan, Acting) (F 136 Counterfeit) (FB 166/2=83 Counterfeiters, Dupers) (S 434/7=62 Mason, Not Real Name) (E 237/3=79 Collaboration, Fingerable) (J 197=45p HaHaHaHaHa, Schemers)

I felt you could definitely see three toes there 198/2=99 Untrue (207=27 Faked) (477/3=159 This Is A Lie) (603=63 Plot, Deliberate) (F 503=96p Fakery, Freemason) (FB 953=162p/2=81 Ridicule)
(S 1877=288p/2=144 Time, Purpose Plan ) (E 3816/53=72 Improvisation)

They called the local paleontologist who examined the specimen and determined it's one of 14 rare tyrannosaurs worldwide. "It's pretty big. It's a single footprint and it's fairly large, nearly 60 cm in length and from its shape, it's easy to tell it's from a large meat-eating dinosaur," said Richard McCrea, a palaeontologist at the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

it's One of Fourteen (14) rare tyrannosaurs worldwide 205/5=41 Conjurer, Not Real (236/2=118 Controlled, Unhuntable) (547=101p=26p Lie) (560=56 Collaboration, Fingerable) (F 625/25=25 Dupable, Trick) (S 1982/2=991=167p Imaginativeness) (E 4336/16=271=58p False Knowledge)
(J 4146/6=691=125p Complicity)

"It can sometimes be a challenge to identify the maker of a single print, especially one that has been
weathered by the elements. Even with the tips of the digits eroded away, the footprint found by Carina Helm still possesses characteristics that make it identifiable as the product of a meat-eating dinosaur." He speculated the track might have even been larger as the tip and claw of the longest toe have been eroded away. He says the research centre plans to recover the specimen and bring it back to the museum for safeguarding, and go back to the area for further exploration. "If Carina could find this track ... we might find a lot more footprints or trackways in the area, which would be interesting," he said.

a challenge to identify the maker of a single print 207/3=69 This Is A Lie (225/15=15 Hoax)(441/21=21 Myth) (693/7=99 Untrue) (FB 882/7=126 Improvise) (S 1911/13=147 Improvisate)
(E 2439/9=271=58p Fraudulent ) (J 1589/7=227=49p Forgery)

Cell Phone 45 HaHAHaHaHA (36 Mockery) (90 Holy Bible, HaHAHaHaHAHaHAHaHaHA)
(153 Deceptious) (Su 540=54 Purpose Plan) (RSu 918/9=102 Magic, Farce) (F 142 Disloyalty) (FB 178 Counterfeiters) (S 405/5=81 Ridicule) (E 261/3=87 Fixed, Misadventurous) (J 211=47p Contrived)

To get the maximum mockery as you can plainly see when they used the CELL PHONE as the photo prop. If an organic creature that was buried under millions of years of rocks hasn't decayed into rocks or organic materials then the dinosaurs are a complete fabrication made to make money and to mock the public at the same time.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pastor Mark Blitz and His Solar Eclipse Message From Jesus....WAIT FOR ME..I'M ALMOST THERE.....JC!!


The pastor contends it isn’t remarkable to say the developments in the sky are a sign from God to
believers. The Bible, claims Biltz, says the same thing. “God said He created the sun, the moon and the stars for ‘signs’ at creation,” explained Biltz. “Yeshua [Jesus Christ] said in Luke 21 that there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars at His return. So I see this as a sign we should pay attention to of trouble ahead if we don’t repent as a nation.”

Pastor Mark Blitz 66 Fakery (96 Freemason, Fakery) (201=21 Hoax) (204=24 MadeUp) (Su 1206=126 Schemers, Improvise) (F 279/3=93 Invented, Inactual) (FB 399/3=133 Its Not Real) (S 726/6=121 Purposeful) (E 1713/3=571=105p/5=21 Hoax) (J 1133/11=103 Conjure, B.S.)

developments in the sky are a sign from God 170/2=85 Falsehood, Not Real) (181=42p Trickster) (413/7=59 Green Screen) (532/4=133 Its Not Real) (Su 2478/21=118 Controlled) (F 439=85p/5=17 Lie) (FB 825/11=75 Inconceivable) (S 1638/14=117 Improvise) (E 2591=377/13=29 Falsity, Mocker) (J 2231/23=97 Fairy Tale, Imaginary)

that there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars at His return 230=23 Fantasy ,Duped (301/7=43 Fairy Tale) (671/11=61=18p Faked) (733=130p Dishonest, Operation) (F 697/17=41 Dishonest, Fraudulent) (FB 1341/9=149 Purposeful) (S 2491/47=53 Trickery, Falseness) (E 4415/5=883=153p Holy Bible, Deceptious) (J 3605=365/5=73=21p Hoax)

Biltz further claims he can identify on what day Jesus Christ will return. According to Biltz, the first
coming of Jesus Christ fulfilled the meaning of the biblical feast days in the spring – Passover,
Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Pentecost. Now Biltz argues Jesus Christ’s second coming will
fulfill the fall feasts listed in the Bible – Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets), Yom Kippur (the Day of
Atonement) and Sukkot (Tabernacles). Biltz believes the Resurrection of the Dead will take place on
the Feast of Trumpets and Jesus’s return will take place on Yom Kippur.

the Feast of Trumpets and Jesus’s return will take place on Yom Kippur 244/2=122 Untruth (748/11=68 False Knowledge) (791/7=113 Disinfo, Mainstram, Fiction, Not True) (Su 4488-8844=4356/66=66 Fakery) (F 878/2=439=85p Falsehood, Not Real) (FB 1491/21=71 Deceiver) (S 2743/13=211=47p Duplicity) (E 5374/2=2687=390p=39 Invented) (J 4804/4=1201=121 Ludicrous, Purposeful)

“I do not predict the future as much as I like to analyze the past,” he told WND. “But based on past
patterns and biblical truths from both Judaism and Christianity we realize that we are definitely in the
times of the Messiah. Biltz acknowledges he does not know the year. However, he believes history, contemporary events and the words of Scripture indicate the time is coming very soon. I would believe we are in the times of the Messiah even if there were no eclipse happening. The eclipse is just confirming this. God always warns before He brings judgment and these signs really are for the unbelievers and mockers so they will be without excuse.”

I do not predict the future as much as I like to analyze the past 228/2=114 Inconceivable (285/3=95 Inaccurate) (615/15=41 Ludicrous, Dishonest) (762/6=127=31p B.S.) (Su 3690=369/3=123 Trickster) (F 667/23=29 Baloney, Mocker) (FB 1228/4=307=37 Bamboozle) (S 2400=240/2=120 Illuminati) (E 4935/105=47 Convulsed) (J 3175/25=127=31p Puppet, Lying)

The only venture that Mark Blitz is any good at is selling lies about Jesus to duped Jesus worshippers. The Bible believers will fall for his SOLAR ECLIPSE....Signs Of Jesus’s Return narrative because that’s what the Pastor is peddling and he’ll make suckers out of all of them.....DON”T BE A SUCKER and Wake Up.....Please!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Was It A Hit And Run Scenario Or Was It Staged With Professional Stunt People??

Scores Injured, One Dead As Car Plows Into Protesters At White Rally

GVF 17 Lie (35 Pretend) (46 Deception, Bamboozler) (Su 210=21 Hoax) (F 113 Mainstream, Operation, Dishonest, Fiction) (FB 67 Fictitious, Lying) (S 140=14 Sham) (E 413/7=59 Green Screen, Brainpower) (J 713/31=23 Fraud, Faker, Fantasy)

One One One One 64 Fatbrained (44 Kill, Fictional) (136 Counterfeit) (188/2=94 Forgery) (816/16=51 Dishonesty, Conspiracy) (F 240/5=48 Hoax) (FB 268/4=67 Fictitious, Lying) 
(S 556/4=139 False Knowledge, Damn Lies) (E 460/4=115 Masonic, Baloney) (J 380=38 Death, Trick)

1111= 4-1's=41= Forty One 46 Deception, Manufactured (35 Pretend, Farcical) (118 Death, Controlled, Shunners) (Su 708=78 Charlatan) (F 170 Connivance) (FB 234+432=666/6=111 This is A Lie) (S 398/2=199=46p Deceiver, Conceived) (E 1171=193p=44p Concocted, Fictional
(J 731/17=43 Its Not Real)

GVF One One One One 81 Ritual, Ridicule, Improvisation (54 Improvise) (171 Improvisation) (234+432=666 Purpose Plan) (Su 1026=126 Improvise, Mislead) (Rsu 1404=144 Easter Bunny)
(F 353=71p Falsified , Unreal, Manufactured) (S 696/8=87 Misadventurous) (E 873/9=97 Fairy Tale, Imaginary) (J 1093=183p Blameworthiness)

GVF Forty One 63 Plot, Mislead, Deliberate (45 HaHAhAhaHA) (153 Deceptious, Holy Bible) 
(Su 918/3=306=36 Schemers, Mockery) (F 283=61p Dupable, Trick) (FB 301/7=43 Its Not Real, Fairy Tale) (S 538/2=269=57p Charlatan, Improvisate) (E 1584/11=144 Culpable, Purpose Plan
(J 1444/38=38 Death, Dupable, Trick)

They can’t help themselves but to mock the people that are asleep at the to speak. They have to telegraph their intentions with obvious Gematria that’s deccoded in this blog.

Hey NASA...Nobody Is Buying Your Lies!!!

Nasa To Wake New Horizons Probe For Voyage Into Mysterious Third Zone

Nasa is to wake up its New Horizons spacecraft next month following a five month hibernation, ahead of a journey deeper into one of the most mysterious regions of the Solar System.

Mysterious Third Zone 103 B.S., Conjure (104 Scripts, Not Real) (283=61p Dupable) (230=23 Fraud, Duped, Fantasy) (RSu 1380=138 Dishonesty) (F 361/19=19 Bogus) (FB 103=27p Faked) 
(S 948/12=79 Fingerable, Collaboration) (E 2830=283=61p=18p Faked) (J 1850=185/5=37 Pretend)
New Horizons Space Probe 113 Mainstream,Dishonest, Operation, Fiction, DisInfo (103 Conjure, B.S.) (266/2=133 This Is A Hoax, Government) (301=31 Lying, Joker) (Su 1596/14=114 Inconceivable) (F 370=37 Concocted) (S 1001=101=26p Lie) (E 2138/2=1069=180p=18 Faked) 
(J 2128/14=152 Bamboozle, Controlled)

NASA does not need any narratives to sell their deceptions....The Moon Missions are definitive proof of that.